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Aphanactis Wedd., Chloris Andina 1: 142 (1856).

Type: Aphanactis jamesoniana Wedd.


Robinson, H. (1997). New species of Aphanactis in Ecuador and Bolivia and new combinations in Selloa (Heliantheae: Asteraceae). Brittonia 49(1): 7178.

Turner, B. L. (1980). La taxonoma del g nero Aphanactis (Asteraceae-Heliantheae). Bol. Soc. Argent. Bot. 19: 3344.

Aphanactis boliviana H. Rob., Brittonia 49(1): (1997). Type: BOLIVIA. La Paz: Prov. B. Saavedra mas arriba de Amarete, 4160 m, 16 Mar 1983, X. Menhofer X-2124. Holotype: US; isotypes: LPB, P.

Bolivia (La Paz).

Note: It is possible that this is a variant of A. villosa S. F. Blake, J. Wash. Acad. Sci. 16: 216 (1926), known from Ecuador and Peru.