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Antennaria Gaertn., Fruct. Sem. Pl. 2: 410 (1791).

Type: Antennaria dioica (L.) Gaertn.


Cabrera, A. L. (1957). Una nueva especie del genero Antennaria (Compositae). Notas Mus. La Plata, Bot. 19(No. 90): 7379.

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Antennaria aretioides (Sch.Bip.) A. Gray, Proc. Amer. Acad. Arts 5: 139 (1861) = Mniodes aretioides (Sch.Bip.) Cuatrec.

Antennaria linearifolia Wedd., Chloris Andina 1: 150 (1856). Types: -'Hab. Prou! (Pavon, Dombey). Syntypes: P.

Gnaphalium sedoides Klatt, Linnaea 42(1): 135 (1878). Type: ''Hab. Peruvia, leg. Dombey, Herb. Francavilleanum No. 252.. Holotype: P; isotype: GH. Note: de Candolle (1880: 388) noted that the Compte de Franquevilles personal herbarium, of some 90,000 specimens, is now in P.

Gnahpalium linearifolium (Wedd.) Franchet, Bull. Soc. Bot. France 39: 135 (1892).

Leontopodium linearifolium (Wedd.) Britton, Bull. Torrey Bot. Club 19(5): 148 (1892).

Leontopodium linearifolium (Wedd.) B. D. Jacks., Index Kewensis 2(3): 53 (1894), comb. superfl.

Bolivia (Chuquisaca, La Paz), Peru.

Wood 20651, 7.4.2004

Note: Cabrera (1957: 79) incorrectly cited the combination Leontopodium linearifolium (Wedd.) Benth. & Hook.f.. In Genera Plantarum Bentham & Hooker (1873) did not associate the final epithet (linearifolium) with the name of the genus (Leontopodium). The combination was validated by Britton (1892), and superfluously by Jackson in Index Kewensis (1894).