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Aetheolaena Cass., Dict. Sci. Nat. 48 (1827).

Lasiocephlaus sensu auctt. non Willd. ex Schlchdl. (1814).

Senecio L. sect. Aetheolaena (Cass.) O. Hoffm., Nat. Pflanzenfam. 4(5): 301 (1892).

Type: Cacalia involucrata Kunth = Aetheolaena involucrata (Kunth) B. Nord.


Cuatrecasas, J. (1978). Studies in neotropical Senecioneae, Compositae. I. Reinstatement of genus Lasiocephalus. Phytologia 40(4): 307312.

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Aetheolaena campanulata (Sch.Bip. ex Klatt) B. Nord., Opera Bot. 44: 54 (1978).

Senecio campanulatus Sch.Bip., Bull. Soc. Bot. France 12: 80 (1865); Linnaea 34(5): 531 (Feb. 1866), nom. nud. (based on Mandon 121). Note: Schultz Bipontinus (Feb. 1866) provided a minimal diagnosis of involucrum et flores campanulati, which was clearly taken by Klatt as insufficient to validate the name.

*Senecio campanulatus Sch.Bip. ex Klatt, Leopoldina 23: 9 [1886](1887). Type: Bolivia, Viciniis Sorata, inter Laripani et Vani, in silvulis, Mai; leg. G. Mandon No. 121. Holotype (according to Cabrera, 1985: 84 but see note below): P; isotypes: G, GOET, K, LP, S, US. Note: Both Cabrera (1985: 84) and Nordenstam (1978: 54) noted that the basionym was published in Leopoldina 24: 126 (1888). However, there is a separately paginated preprint of Leopodlina 23, which, whilst dated 1887, is noted to have been accessioned in K on 4 i 86, and the basionym appears on p. 9 of this work bound in the Klatt Opuscula volume. It should also be noted that Solbrig (1965) has indicated that there is good reason to suppose that much material from Klatts herbarium is in fact in GH following its sale by his daughter, Miss Elizabeth Klatt, and was purchased by Prof. B. L. Robinson for 4,000 German Marks.

Senecio campanulatus Sch.Bip. ex Klatt, Leopoldina 24: 126 (1888). [See note above.]

*Senecio campanulatus Sch.Bip. ex Klatt var. glabrescens Cabrera, Blumea 7(1): 198 (1952). Type: Hab.: Spreizend im feuchten Gebsch ber Incacorral, 2500 m alt., Juni 1911, [Herzog] n. 2189, Bl. crme. Holotype: L; isotype: LP.

Lasiocephalus campanulatus (Sch.Bip. ex Klatt) Cuatrec., Phytologia 40(4): 309 (1978).

Bolivia (Cochabamba, La Paz), Peru.

Aetheolaena loesneri (Hieron.) B. Nord., Opera Bot. 44: 54 (1978).

Senecio loesneri Hieron., Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 36(5): 510 (1905). Type: ''Peruvia: crescit inter Chota y Cutervo (J.[elski] n. 801, m. Junio 1879). Holotype: B.

Lasiocephalus loesneri (Hieron.) Cuatrec., Phytologia 40(4): 310 (1978).

Bolivia (La Paz), Peru.