The KLARF Programme

The Kew Latin American Research Fellowships Programme has supported visiting scientists from Latin America (including the West Indies and the Guianas) wishing to consult collections or conduct botanical research at Kew or the Natural History Museum. Fellowships have also included visits to other European research institutes. This programme has served as an important mechanism for promoting active collaboration between UK and Latin American scientists.

Background and Funding

The KLARF Programme was established in 1998 with support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. This programme ran for three years. In 2002 an additional donation enabled the programme to continue for a further three years (2003-2005).

The Weston Foundation also made a generous donation to Kew in 2002, specifically to fund a programme of fellowships (2003-2008) in recognition of the outstanding contributions made to botanical science and conservation by Professor Sir Ghillean Prance during his 11 years as Director.

These resources have been administered jointly.

Important update on funding

The final tranche of funding for KLARF Fellowships was allocated in March 2008. Unless and until we are able to identify alternative sources of support, we regret that there will be no more calls for applications.

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