Working with Universities

We provide a variety of expertise to universities and other further educational or research institutions.

Group of students in a lab on a tour

RBG Kew welcomes students from undergraduate programmes from the UK and further afield, teaching them about the importance of Kew’s scientific work.

Educational visits

As well as offering a number of MSc courses, Kew also welcomes students studying on undergraduate programmes in the UK and further afield.

Students studying topics related to plant and fungal science, evolution, conservation and restoration are able to gain an insight into the research conducted at Kew and the valuable collections we hold.

Talks and tours are offered at both our Kew Gardens and Wakehurst sites. At Kew Gardens, tours of the Herbarium, Fungarium, public and behind-the-scenes gardens and glasshouses are available. At Wakehurst, tours of the Millennium Seed Bank, gardens and wild landscape are available. Talks will be organised that focus on your group’s interests.

Fees start at £450 for a half-day guided visit and £700 for a full-day guided visit. This is for groups of approximately 20 people.

If you would like more information and to enquire about a tailor-made trip to Kew for your undergraduate students, please email:

Alternatively, Kew offers educational groups access to the public gardens and glasshouses for a fee of £65 for a self-guided tour of approximately 35 people. For those who would like to arrange a self-guided tour, please contact us for more details: