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Short courses

Find out more about the short courses provided by Kew's Science Directorate which are open to a variety of audiences.

Seed collecting and use for restoration and re-introduction

This training day will review the science and practice of collecting, preserving and using high-quality seed samples for subsequent multiplication ex situ.

Tropical Plant Identification

During this two-week Tropical Plant Identification Course, Kew botanists share their expertise in identifying plants from the biodiversity-rich tropical regions of the world.

Applied Plant Taxonomy, Identification and Field Skills

This course draws on the expertise of scientists from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew to provide training in the identification of plant families and in field survey techniques, and to demonstrate the latest appropriate field technologies.

Wood Identification

During the Wood Identification Course, participants will look at many different types of wood, and find out how to distinguish them using features of their cells and tissues visible only under the microscope.

Seed Conservation Techniques

The training programme of Kew’s Millennium Seed Bank Partnership develops the specialised skills and knowledge needed to collect, conserve and manage ex situ seed collections.

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