PhD opportunities

Over 50 PhD students are engaged in doctoral training research either at Kew or at Wakehurst in Sussex.

We have over 50 students at Kew actively engaged in research towards their PhD.

All of these PhD projects are undertaken in collaboration with a university partner, either in the UK or in another part of the world. 

As a researcher there is the opportunity to access our world-class scientific collections, use our laboratory facilities and be mentored by our internationally-renowned experts.

Here is how to set up a PhD project with us, followed by what life as a PhD student is like at Kew.

How to find PhD opportunities 

Many of our PhD students are funded through specific research projects at Kew. For a current list of project-funded PhD opportunities, please visit our careers portal or search Find a PhD.

Kew staff also supervise postgraduate students who are in receipt of their own scholarships. The proposed research needs to be relevant to our research departments, see Kew’s Science Strategy to find out more.

All six of our research departments either have or have had students undertaking research towards PhDs. Find out more about our departments.

Alternatively, if you are a PhD student at a University and have a project idea and full funding for the project, please contact relevant research leaders to enquire about possible collaborations. Search our scientists.

Fully funded PhD opportunities are also available through Doctoral Training Partnerships (DTP).

Self-funded PhDs

We accept self-funded PhD students. If you have an appropriate academic background and a research idea that aligns with Kew’s work we can help you to develop it into a project. Please email with an outline of your research interests so we can find a relevant supervisor.

  • Empty conical flasks on a shelf in the Jodrell laboratory

    Doctoral Training Partnerships

    DTPs provide excellent research, professional, technical and personal development training in a multi-disciplinary environment. 

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    Life as a PhD student

    These profiles of current postgraduate researchers will give you an idea of the diverse working life of a Kew-based PhD student.