Continuing Professional Development

We run short courses aimed at equipping working professionals with specialised skills.

Microscope slide of a wood sample

Explore our popular courses

Here are three popular courses that we provide for working professionals, such as academics, craftspeople and practical scientists, to update their skills. We sometimes provide tailor-made, in-house training for institutions.

  • Researcher in lab coat holding tube of seeds

    Seed Conservation Techniques

    Learn how to collect, conserve and manage high quality, ex-situ collections of wild plant seeds.

  • People sat around a table identifying a tropical plant specimen

    Tropical Plant Identification

    Our botanists share their expertise in identifying plants from the biodiversity-rich tropical regions of the world.

  • Herbal medicines on sale in South Korea

    Use of Scientific Plant Names for Herbal Products

    Discover the relationships between pharmaceutical names for drugs and scientific plant names.

  • A microscopic  scan of Turraeanthus africana wood

    Wood Identification

    Find out how to identify wood using features of their cells and tissues visible only under the microscope.