Science reports

Here you can find a range of Kew's scientific reports including our Scientific Priorities and output reports from our research projects and programmes of work

Reports lined up
  • Aerial view of forest.

    Scientific Priorities 2021 – 2030

    An outline of the scientific ambitions of RBG Kew, in collaboration with partners across the world, for the next ten years. This is an interim document, pending publication of full Science Strategy.

  • Hands holding coffee plant saplings

    Kew and the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation

    Find out how Kew is contributing to and achieving the targets of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation.

  • Vegetation on a hill slightly on fire

    Kew Science Impact 2012-2018

    Explore 20 case studies that demonstrate our scientific research and its impact.

  • Acacia dealbata cross section imaged using 5X objective lens

    Science Collections Strategy 2018-2028

    For the first time in Kew’s history, there is a formal strategy to set out a framework for managing, developing and providing greater access to the science collections over the next decade.

Tree trunks surrounded by raging orange flames

State of the World's Plants and Fungi

These reports highlight just how important plants and fungi are to all life on Earth.

Project reports and outputs

  • Branch with green fuzzy ovals

    Enhancing rural Caucasian livelihoods through fruit and nut conservation

    Protecting important fruit and nut species in Georgia and Armenia through rural community engagements, ex situ seed conservation and research.

  • Laptop with blue cyber writing on the screen

    FloraGuard: Tackling the illegal trade in endangered plants

    Illustrating the benefits of applying a multi-disciplinary mindset to tackle the illegal trade in wildlife.

  • Red and green berries in the palm of a hand.

    Coffee Farming and Climate Change in Ethiopia

    Summary report outlining a climate-resilient coffee economy strategy for Ethiopia.

  • Plants among mountsains

    Colombian resources for plants made accessible

    Making information on the rich diversity of Colombian flowering plant species available through a single online portal, ColPlantA.

  • Grasses and savannas of Madagascar

    Madagascar grass atlas

    A reference document on the distribution of Poaceae in Madagascar for decision-makers, researchers and managers of protected areas in Madagascar. 

  • Collecting Kalahari truffles in Botswana

    Wild Plants for a Sustainable Future: 110 Multipurpose Species

    Promoting the conservation and sustainable use of wild multipurpose species in conservation, agriculture and forestry projects.

Plant and Fungal Trees of Life (PAFTOL) annual reports