Dr Tiziana Ulian

Senior Research Leader

Tiziana Ulian

As Senior Research Leader of Sustainable Use, Seeds and Solutions, I lead a research group developing plant diversity approaches to support communities in locations and economies where nutritional, income and biodiversity issues are of paramount importance.

I am a plant ecologist with a wide range of research interests aiming to support the conservation and sustainable use of plant genetic resources.  A major component of the work I am involved in is to develop projects that maximise their conservation benefits, through a holistic approach linking conservation and livelihoods. I also work on the conservation biology of threatened plant species and have a strong interest in their in situ conservation and reintroduction.

  • Undergraduate Studies, Environmental Sciences, University of Ca ' Foscari, Italy, 1997
  • BSc, Environmental Sciences (Plant Ecology), University of Greenwich, 1999
  • PhD, Natural Resources Institute (NRI), University of Greenwich, 2004

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