Sue Frisby

Assistant Curator


Science Operations


Science Collections


General naming of material from Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela with special interest in Compositae, Cunoniaceae, Verbenaceae and Malvaceae

Herbarium curation, naming, databasing and research, including Neptropical Malvaceae and Compositae.

My work includes laying out material for mounting, incorporating specimens into the herbarium, rearranging collections according to new revisions, selecting material for loans, digitising and databasing specimens on CRIS, HerbCat, and BRAHMS, incorporating returned loans and generally maintaining the collections, supporting curation in other teams and assisting visitors as required.

I support the Americas Team’s research with identification and naming of incoming and project material, describing new species of Compositae in association with Dr Hind, providing content for online platforms such as Neotropikey, and various generic online keys.

  • BSc Botany and Geography, Victoria University of Wellington, 1981

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