Stuart Cable

Research Leader


I lead Kew’s science programme in Madagascar and direct the Kew Madagascar Conservation Centre (KMCC) in Antananarivo. The KMCC team consists of 12 Malagasy botanists who manage a portfolio of projects, aligned across Kew’s science strategy, that bridge the gap between academic research and action on the ground. Our vision is to build KMCC into a centre of excellence for conservation science and for providing technical training to students and professionals. Our goal is to help Madagascar to avert large-scale species extinctions and to restore biodiversity and natural capital on deforested land. My main interests are: 1) to enhance biodiversity research by using phylogenomics, niche modelling and statistical pattern recognition technologies to accelerate identification and massively increase available data; and 2) to remove the constraints to conservation through developing ecologically sustainable and economically viable production systems that can replace shifting cultivation and mobilize farmers to put trees back into the landscape.

  • BSc (Hons), Tropical Environmental Science
  • MSc, Machine-perception and neuro-computing
  • Expertise on the flora of Africa and Madagascar

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