Stephanie M H Miles

UK Collections Co-ordinator

Steph Miles

I coordinate the seed collection programme of the UK flora through cooperation with a range of organisations and individuals. This includes management of projects designed to strengthen the range and quality of seed bank collections available for research, education and restoration.  I assist with seed collection and propagation initiatives for priority species in support of in-situ restoration and recovery projects via the UK Native Seed Hub.

I provide advice and training to UK seed collectors to ensure that appropriate collecting protocols are followed, including accompanying data, herbarium specimen and tissue sample wherever possible.

  • Processing Team Supervisor, RBG Kew (1997 - 2011)
  • BTec HND, Conservation Management, Farnborough College of Technology, 1995
  • University Certificate in Biological Recording and Species Identification; University of Birmingham 2013

Wood, C. B., Miles, S., Rix, C., Terry, J. & Daws, M. (2005)

The effects of seed oil content on viability assessment using tetrazolium: a case study using 171 species

Plant Genetic Resources Newsletter 143: 17-23