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Seed Conservation, particularly project management and targeting species for conservation

As the Seed Conservation Projects Officer my main role is to coordinate and manage the Global Tree Seed Bank Project. Funded by the Garfield Weston Foundation, the aims of this five year project are to work with our partner organisations across the world to conserve 3,000 of the rarest, most threatened and useful trees and woody shrubs, and to undertake a number of research programmes to improve our knowledge of tree conservation. 

  • BSc, Tropical Environmental Science, Univ. of Aberdeen, 1993

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In: M. D. Sanchez & M. A. Hamilton (Eds.), (pp. 80pp). London, UK. 

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Hodgkison, R., Balding, S. T., Zubaid, A. & Kunz, T. H. (2004).

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