Sara Bárrios

Islands Conservation Partnership Coordinator

Sara Bárrios

Ecosystem Stewardship


UK Overseas Territories and Islands


Conservation, Red List, Island Flora, BRAHMS

I am a member of the UK and Islands team and my main role is to support research activities and conservation projects in the UK Overseas Territories (UKOTs). I develop and maintain the UKOTs Species and Specimens Database. I assess the conservation status of native UKOTs species, for incorporation into the IUCN Red List and to provide evidence for in situ and ex situ conservation activities, such as establishing Tropical Important Plant Areas. I undertake fieldwork in the territories to enable knowledge gaps to be filled and provide training and support for project partners, interns and volunteers.  I have a particular interest in Caribbean flora.

  • MSc Plant Diversity, University of Reading, 2014-2015
  • Licenciatura in Biology, University Aveiro (Portugal), 2004

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799. Metastelma anegadense.

Curtis’s Botanical Magazine 31:321–332

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