Rosie Clegg

PhD Student

Rosie Clegg

Accelerated Taxonomy



I am a NERC funded GW4+ DTP PhD student with the University of Exeter and RBG, Kew. Supervisors: Professor Toby Pennington, Dr Lucy Rowland (University of Exeter), and Professor Alex Antonelli and Dr Nicholas Hind (RBG, Kew). Sept. 2020- Sept. 2023

I am studying the biodiversity, biogeography and conservation of inselberg and rock outcrop flora in the dry biomes of Latin America, focusing on the areas across Bolivia and Brazil. The aim of the project is to document the flora and understand the evolutionary processes that shaped these environments. The research yield results on the global value of the plants in these areas to inform conservation management.

  • BSc Human and Physical Geography, University of Reading, 2015
  • MSc Species Identification and Survey Skills, University of Reading, 2016