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Seed biology, Seed banking, Image edition, Spanish

I work as a Seed Biology Laboratory Technician in the Analytical Methods section of the Comparative Plants and Fungal Biology Department, under the supervision of the Seed Biology Laboratory Manager, my role is to ensure the efficient use and management of the laboratory facilities at the Millennium Seed Bank, support all research activities from various Kew groups and provide efficient solutions for the daily unexpected opportunities.

  • Agricultural Engineer, Polytechnique Univ. of Cartagena (Spain), 2009
  • MSc Plant Breeding and Genetics, Polytechnique Univ. of Valencia (Spain), 2012

Mattana, E., Sacande, M., Abdul Sanogo, K., Lira, R., Gomez-Barreiro, P., Rogledi, M. & Ulian, T. (2017).

Thermal requirements for seed germination of underutilized Lippia species.

South African Journal of Botany 109: 223–230.

Mattana, E., Sacande, M., Bradamante, G., Gomez‐Barreiro, P., Sanogo, S., & Ulian, T. (2018).

Understanding biological and ecological factors affecting seed germination of the multipurpose tree Anogeissus leiocarpa.

Plant Biology 20: 602-609.

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