Dr Olivier Maurin

Senior Researcher


I am responsible of the sampling and phylogenomic for the Plant and Fungal Trees of Life project (PAFTOL), one of Kew’s Strategic Outputs for 2020. PAFTOL is funded by the Calleva Foundation, the Sackler Trust and the Garfield Weston Foundation. We are using Kew’s collections to produce genome-scale data for a representative of each flowering plant and fungal genera using high-throughput sequencing technologies. 

  • PhD, Univ. Johannesburg, 2010
  • Engineer Diploma in Horticulture Geneva, 2000

Hills, R., Muasya, A.M., Maurin, O. & Wilkin, P. (2018)

A threatened new species of Dioscoreafrom KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, Dioscorea hurteri (Dioscoreaceae).

Kew Bulletin 73: 1–14.

Maurin, O., Gere, J., Van der Bank, M. & Boatwright, J.S. (2017)

The inclusion of AnogeissusBuchenavia and Pteleopsis in Terminalia (Terminaliinae, Combretaceae).

Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 184: 312–325.

Maurin, O., Muasya, A.M., Catalan, P., Shongwe, E.Z., Viruel, J., Wilkin, P. & van der Bank, M. (2016).

Diversification into novel habitats in the southern African clade of Dioscorea L. (Dioscoreaceae): erect habit and elephant’s foot tubers.

BMC Evolutionary Biology 16: 238.

Williamson, J., Maurin, O., Shiba, S.N.S., van der Bank, H., Pfab, M., Pilusa, M., Kabongo, R.M. & van der Bank, M. (2016).

Exposing the illegal trade in Encephalartos species at the Faraday and Warwick traditional medicine markets in South Africa using DNA barcoding.

Genome. 59: 771–781.

Charles-Dominique, T., Davies, T.J., Hempson, G.P., Bezeng, B.S., Daru, B.H., Kabongo, R.M., Maurin, O., Muasya, A.M., van der Bank, M. & Bond, J.W. (2016).

Spiny plants, Mammal browsers and the origin of African savannas.

PNAS 113 (38): E5572-E5579.

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