Nina M J Davies

Herbarium Curation Manager

Nina M. J. Davies

I am responsible for leading on the curation of the Herbarium collections. I manage a team of Senior Curator-Botanists and Curator-Botanists to curate and update the c.7 million herbarium specimens at Kew, facilitating access for research purposes. 

My specialist interest is in the Rubiaceae, with a particular focus on identifying plants from Africa and Madagascar.  I also participate in Kew’s science communications programme, including giving tours of the Herbarium.

I’m a co-editor of the new Herbarium Handbook and teach on various courses including, how to identify the Gentianales order and how to collect, press, curate and identify plants on the field trip module for the Kew MSc course in Plant and Fungal Taxonomy and Diversity.

  • MA Museum Studies, 2018
  • BSc (Hons) Biology, Cardiff University, 2009
  • Lamiaceae sandwich student at Kew (2007-2008)