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Ecologist, extensive experience of plant conservation. Specialising in collecting genetic resources, capacity building, access & benefit sharing in Latin America.

I am one of a team responsible for the conservation projects and collaborations that contribute to Kew’s Millennium Seed Bank Partnership global seed banking strategic output. My focus is on the Americas region where I have enjoyed extensive fieldwork and project experience since joining Kew in 1992. As an ecologist, I develop and share expertise in the sampling and ex situ conservation of genetic diversity as part of integrated conservation strategies. I am currently developing seed conservation projects in Canada, USA, Mexico, and Chile, and am responsible for related MSBP capacity-building within the region.

  • Chartered Environmentalist CEnv and Member of the Institute of Ecology & Environmental Management MIEEM
  • BSc (Hons), Applied and Environmental Biology, Univ. York, 1988
  • Overseas Fieldwork Committee (RBG Kew)

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