Dr Melanie-Jayne Howes

Senior Research Leader


Trait Diversity and Function


Biological Chemistry


Phytochemistry including chemical analysis of useful plants and their constituents, especially those used as medicines, food and for health

  • BPharm (1st Class Hons), King’s College London
  • PhD, King’s College London
  • CChem, Chartered Chemist
  • MRPharmS, Registered Pharmacist with the General Pharmaceutical Council (Member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society)
  • MRSC, Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry
  • Visiting Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine, King’s College London
  • Management Committee Member, Museum of Life Sciences, King’s College London

Cantwell-Jones, A., Ball, J., Collar, D., Diazgranados, M., Douglas, R., Forest, F., Hawkins, J., Howes, M.-J.R., Ulian, T., Vaitla, B., Pironon, S. (2022).

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Micronutrient composition and microbial community analysis across diverse landraces of the Ethiopian orphan crop enset. 

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Howes, M.-J.R., Kite, G.C., Simmonds, M.S.J. (2009)

Distinguishing Chinese star anise from Japanese star anise using thermal desorption-gas chromatography-mass spectrometry.

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 57: 5783-5789.

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