Dr Matilda Brown

Conservation Science Analyst


Ecosystem Stewardship


Conservation Assessments and Analysis


Quantitative analyses, conservation, palaeoecology

I am interested in making the most of our datasets to understand and conserve biodiversity in a rapidly changing world. My previous research was focused on the past, and what the fossil record can tell us about the future - I am now applying those skills to contemporary datasets. As a Conservation Science Analyst, I am involved in many different research projects across a broad range of questions in conservation science.

  • PhD University of Tasmania, 2022
  • BSc(Hons) University of Tasmania, 2017
  • BSc (Botany & Palaeobiology) University of New England, 2016

Brown, M. J., Brodribb, T. J., & Jordan, G. J. 2021.

No‐analogue associations in the fossil record of southern conifers reveal conservatism in precipitation, but not temperature axes.

Global Ecology and Biogeography, 30(12), 2455-2466.

Pritzkow, C., Brown, M. J., Carins-Murphy, M. R., Bourbia, I., Mitchell, P. J., Brodersen, C., ... & Brodribb, T. J. 2022.

Conduit position and connectivity affects the likelihood of xylem embolism during natural drought in evergreen woodland species.

Annals of Botany.

Brown, M. J., Holland, B. R., & Jordan, G. J. 2020.

Hyperoverlap: Detecting biological overlap in n‐dimensional space.

Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 11(4), 513-523.


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