Dr Marybel Soto Gomez

Future Leader Fellow

Marybel Soto Gomez

Trait Diversity and Function


Character Evolution


Phylogenomics, genomic and morphological trait evolution, agrobiodiversity identification and conservation

Having trained as an agricultural scientist and plant evolutionary biologist, I have multidisciplinary research interests that include phylogenetics, trait evolution and conservation of both wild and cultivated plants. 

I am currently developing projects in three main areas to (i) associate angiosperm genome size with extinction risk and with traits of agrological interest, (ii) develop a framework for identifying areas of importance for conserving agrobiodiversity, and (iii) use phylogenomic approaches to identify crop wild relatives of the globally important Dioscorea yams.

Please contact me if you are interested in collaborating.

  • BSc Land and Food Systems (Hons), University of British Columbia, 2007
  • PhD Botany, University of British Columbia, 2020

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