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Marybel Soto Gomez

Trait Diversity and Function


Character Evolution


Phylogenomics, plant systematics and evolution, crop wild relatives

My research interests lay at the interface of plant evolution, systematics, crop wild relatives, and agrobiodiversity. At Kew, I am responsible for managing a project on the sustainable use and conservation of Ethiopia's rich plant bioresources for enhancing local food security and socio-economic development. I am additionally leading phylogenomic studies to (i) resolve the contentious evolutionary history of the monocot order Dioscoreales, and (ii) identify crop wild relatives of the major yam crop, Dioscorea alata. Please contact me if you are interested in a collaboration.

  • BSc Land and Food Systems (Hons), University of British Columbia, 2007
  • PhD Botany, University of British Columbia, 2020

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