Dr Maraeva Gianella

Latin America Projects Coordinator

Maraeva Gianella

Ecosystem Stewardship


Sustainable Use, Seeds and Solutions


Seed biology, data analysis, ex situ conservation, plant physiology

As Latin America Projects Coordinator, my work supports the management of key research projects of the team in Latin America, in particular the Global Tree Seed Bank Project in Mexico.

I am a seed biologist with a background in plant physiology and genetics, seed longevity and data analysis.

  • PhD; Genetics, Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of Pavia, 2021
  • MSc; Experimental and Applied Biology, University of Pavia, 2018
  • BSc; Biological Sciences, University of Pavia, 2016

Müller, J.V., Cockel, C.P., Gianella, M. & Guzzon, F. (2021)

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Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution 68: 2749–2756.

Guzzon, F., Gianella, M., Velazquez Juarez, J.A., Sanchez Cano, C. & Costich, D.E (2021)

Seed longevity of maize conserved under germplasm bank conditions for up to 60 years.

Annals of Botany, mcab009.

Gianella, M., Bradford, K.J. & Guzzon, F. (2021).

Ecological, (epi)genetic and physiological aspects of bet-hedging in angiosperms.

Plant Reproduction 34: 21–36.

Gianella, M., Balestrazzi, A., Pagano, A. et al. (2020)

Heteromorphic seeds of wheat wild relatives show germination niche differentiation.

Plant Biology 22: 191–202.

Guzzon, F., Orsenigo, S., Gianella, M. et al. (2018).

Seed heteromorphy influences seed longevity in Aegilops.

Seed Science Research 28: 277-285.

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