Jonathan Kendon

Lab Technician (In Vitro Biology)


My role is to support Analytical Methods in delivering lab services to all of the Kew Science departments, specifically in In Vitro Biology. I am responsible for maintaining and equipping the In Vitro lab. I also provide specialist training to staff, students and visitors. I contribute to a number of research projects and my areas of expertise include micropropagation, tissue culture and cryopreservation of rare and important plants that are difficult to propagate or store conventionally. The majority of this work involves tropical and temperate orchids, where we are increasingly researching mycorrhizal fungi and their role in orchid conservation.

  • BSc (Hons) Plant Sciences, University of Durham, 2002
  • MSc Plant Conservation, University of Sussex, 2006

Seaton, P. T., Kendon, J. P., Pritchard, H. W., Puspitaningtyas, D. M. & Marks, T. R. (2013)

Orchid conservation: the next ten years.

Lankesteriana 13: 93-101. 

Barnicoat, H., Cripps, R., Kendon, J. & Sarasan, V. (2011)

Conservation in vitro of rare and threatened ferns - case studies of biodiversity hotspot and island species.

In Vitro Cellular and Developmental Biology-Plant 47: 37-45. 

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