Joe Langley

Research Assistant

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Trait Diversity and Function


Tropical Important Plant Areas (TIPAs) in Ethiopia


Biodiversity conservation, Tropical Important Plant Areas (TIPAs), protected area representativeness, Ethiopia.

I am interested in identifying and assessing biodiversity hotspots, particularly areas with a high plant species richness and sites with large numbers of endemic and/or threatened species. Working on Kew's Tropical Important Plant Areas (TIPAs) project, my work seeks to identify potential TIPAs in Ethiopia - an extraordinarily biodiverse and endemics-rich country. 

I am also interested in understanding the representativeness of KBAs, IBAs, (T)IPAs, AZEs and OECMs in protecting different taxa and how each of those areas – and the species and ecoregions they currently protect – are likely to be affected by climate change.

MSc Conservation, University College London (Distinction)
BA Geography, University of Exeter (First)

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