Jeremie Morel

PhD Student

A headshot of Kew PhD Student Jeremie Morel

Accelerated Taxonomy


Integrated Monography , Africa


Botany, phylogeny, taxonomy.

I am interested in the classification and evolution of hairsedges (Cyperaceae) in Africa. Using an integrative approach, combining phylogenomics, morphology, ecology and biogeography, my project aims to gain a clear understanding of the diversity and evolution of Bulbostylis in Africa.

Prior to and alongside my PhD, I am working on the taxonomy and the conservation of Xyridaceae and Gesnericaceae in New Caledonia.

  • MSc in Systematics and Evolution, Sorbonne University and French National Museum of Natural History, Paris (2020)
  • BSc in Ecology and Biology, University of Montpellier (2018)

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