Dr Jemima Brinton

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Jemima Brinton

Trait Diversity and Function


Crops and Global Change


Crops, cereals, grasses, food security, yield, grain, genomics, transcriptomics, genetics

I am a Kew Future Leader Fellow and my research aims to improve productivity and other agronomically important traits in cereal crops through understanding grass diversity. To achieve this, I use a range of genetic, genomic and transcriptomic approaches. In particular, I am interested in understanding the genomic basis of the huge diversity in spike and grain morphology observed across the grass family. My background is in wheat genetics and genomics, with the focus of my PhD work being on understanding the control of grain size and yield in hexaploid bread wheat through a combination of genetics, physiology, microscopy and transcriptomics. I have also looked more broadly at genomic variation between wheat varieties in order to inform strategies to identify beneficial diversity for introduction to breeding programmes.

  • PhD, John Innes Centre, Norwich, 2017
  • BA (Hons) University of Cambridge, 2013
  • John Innes Foundation Research Excellence Prize, 2018
  • Monogram Early Career Excellence Award (PhD), 2017

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Commun Biol 3: 712.

Walkowiak, S., Gao, L., Monat, C. et al. (2020)

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Brinton, J. & Uauy, C.(2018)

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Brinton, J., Simmonds, J., Minter, F., Leverington‐Waite, M., Snape, J. & Uauy, C. (2018)

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New Phytologist 215: 1026-1038.

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