Dr James Wearn

Strategic Operations Manager

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Science Operations


Science Services and Laboratories


Strategy, operational planning, project management, polemobotany, ecology, military history.

I am responsible for ensuring operational planning and business performance reporting for the Science Directorate, facilitating effective Science governance through being Secretary of the Senior Science Team and Trustee-level Science Advisory Committee. My role also includes management of business-related projects and VIP events. Additionally, I have research expertise in botanical aspects of conflict landscapes, particularly of the First World War (polemobotany).

  • PhD, University of London, 2006
  • BSc (Hons) Biology, University of London, 2002
  • Fellow of the Linnean Society of London

Wearn, J.A. and Hudson, J. (2018)

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Palms 62(3): 138-144.

Wearn, J.A., Budden, A.P., Veniard, S.C. and Richardson, D. (2017)

The flora of the Somme battlefield: a botanical perspective on a post-conflict landscape.

First World War Studies 8(1): 63-77.

Wearn, J. (2017)

Plants, war and the natural capital of Empire.

The Linnean 33(1): 20–24.

Wearn, J. (2016)

Seeds of change – polemobotany in the study of war and culture.

Journal of War & Culture Studies 9(3): 271-284.

Wearn, J. and Hudson, J. (2014)

Lichens and war graves – from Kew’s Archives to the modern day.

British Lichen Society Bulletin 114: 23-26.

Wearn, J.A. and Mabberley, D.J. (2011)

Clerodendrum (Lamicaceae) in Borneo.

Systematic Botany 36(4): 1050-1061.

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