Heather L Lindon

Honorary Research Associate


Plant nomenclature

My role as Plant and Fungal Names editor currently involves looking through scientific literature daily in the form of journals, books and websites to find nomenclatural novelties.  These names then get added to the International Plant Names Index database. I also respond to corrections sent in to the IPNI website and resolve nomenclatural questions.

  • BSc The College of William and Mary (Willliamsburg, VA, USA) 2003
  • MSc Washington State University (Pullman, WA, USA) 2007
  • Editor for Skvortsovia (2013-present)

Zhang, Z. Q., Christenhusz, M. J. M., Esser, H. J., Chase, M. W., Vorontsova, M. S., Lindon, H., Monro, A. & Lumbsch, H.T . (2014).

The making of world’s largest journal in systematic botany.

Phytotaxa 191: 1-9.

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