Dr Hanna Oldfield

Training Coordinator


Enhanced Partnerships


Millennium Seed Bank Partnership


Project management, training, molecular biology

With a background in molecular biology in anthropology and oncology as well as experience in the life science industry working on product development for molecular diagnostic customers a focus across the fields has been my passion for training and the use of project management techniques. My current role is to support the strategic mission of Kew in disseminating scientific knowledge of plants and fungi, maximising its impact in science, education, conservation policy and management by contributing to and coordination seed conservation specialist training.

  • National Diploma in Biology at the Georg August University Goettingen, Germany, 2003
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Biology at the Ludwig Maximilian University Munich, Germany, 2008

Scheller, H., Tobollik, S., Kutzera, A. et al. (2010).

c-Myc overexpression promotes a germinal center-like program in Burkitt's lymphoma.

Oncogene 29: 888–897. 

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