Grace Brewer

Phylogenomic Research Assistant

Grace Brewer

Comparative Plant and Fungal Biology


Plant and Fungal Trees of Life Project


Phylogenomics, herbarium genomics, plant genetics, epigenetics, plant development, next-generation sequencing

Biography Plus

I work on the Plant and Fungal Trees of Life (PAFTOL) project which aims to construct complete genus-level phylogenies for all 14,000 flowering plant genera by 2020 using Kew's extraordinary collections, collaborative networks and high-throughput sequencing technologies. 

I am responsible for sourcing and preparing samples and conducting and optimising molecular biological lab techniques such as DNA extraction and purification, library preparation for DNA sequencing, bait hybridisation, and next generation sequencing on an Illumina Miseq platform to deliver high quality genomic data.

Qualifications and appointments Plus
  • MSc (by Research) Biological Sciences, Univ. Durham, 2017
  • BSc (Hons) Biological Sciences, Univ. Durham, 2016
Projects Plus
Selected publications Plus

Buerki, S., Gallaher, T., Booth, T., Brewer, G., Forest, F., and Callmander, M.W. (2016).

Biogeography and evolution of the screw-pine genus Benstonea Callm. & Buerki (Pandanaceae).

Candollea; 71(2): 217-229.

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