Fitiavana Rasaminirina

PhD Student

Headshot of Fitiavana Rasaminirina, a Kew PhD student

Accelerated Taxonomy


Integrated Monography


Plant biology, taxonomy and ecology.

Passionate about the beauty of nature and the diversity of its ecosystems, I specialise in the Cyperaceae family of Madagascar in order to improve the knowledge of plant diversity in my country. Cyperaceae are a species-rich family and much taxonomic study is needed to better delimitate species.

  • Master II Applied Diagnosis, Ecological Monitoring, Management of Ecosystems and Environment (DIASE), University of Antananarivo (in collaboration with Kew Madagascar Conservation Centre) (2021)
  • Master I Biology and Plant Ecology (BEV), University of Antananarivo (2019)
  • BSc Biology of Organisms and Ecosystems (BOE), University of Antananarivo (2018)

Rasaminirina F., Rakotoarimanana V., Ralimanana H., Rabehevitra D., Larridon I. (2022)

Bulbostylis itremoensis (Abildgaardieae, Cyperaceae), a new sedge species from Madagascar.

Kew Bulletin 77: 301-308. 7

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