Emma V Williams

Science Policy Officer (CITES)


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Conservation Policy


CITES, Extinction risk assessments, Nomenclature, Plant identification.

I am a science policy officer, specialising in the Convention of International Trade of Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), as part of the UK CITES Scientific Authority for Flora. I provide scientific advice on CITES policy and licences to Defra, the Animal and Plant Health Agency and Kew colleagues.

I also provide advice to Kew colleagues planning overseas fieldwork as part of the Overseas Fieldwork Committee. I research CITES listed plants, write policy documents and CITES nomenclature checklists. I have a background in extinction risk assessments, seed conservation, nomenclature, and plant identification, particularly working with African and temperate floras. 

  • BSc (Hons), Biology, Univ. Wales (Aberystwyth), 2000
  • MSc, Pure and Applied Plant and Fungal Taxonomy, Univ. Reading, 2001

Prunera-Olive, J., Vorontsova, M., Williams, E.V., Mollel, N.P. & Hemp, A. (2021) 

Checklist of Kilimanjaro grasses shows that both plot and herbarium methods are necessary to record diversity 

Phytotaxa 501 (2): 201-244 

Nic Lughadha, E., Walker, B., Canteiro C., Chadman, H., Davis, A., Hargreaves, S., Lucas, E., Schuiteman, A., Williams, E.V., Bachman, S., Baines, D., Barker, A., Budden, A., Carretero, J., Clarkson, J., Roberts, A. & Rivers, M. (2019) 

The use and misuse of herbarium specimens in evaluation plant extinction risks 

Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society B 374: 1763, 20170402 

Williams, E.V., Elia Ntandu, J., Ficinski, P. & Vorontsova, M. (2016)

Checklist of Serengeti Ecosystem Grasses

Biodiversity Data Journal. (4): e8286

Williams, E. V., Breidy, J., Van Slageren, M. & Khairallah, S. (2015)

New records for the flora of Lebanon. 

Webbia Journal of Plant Taxonomy and Geography 70 (2): 323-327

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