Dr Elena Castillo-Lorenzo

Future Leader Fellow

Elena Castillo-Lorenzo

Ecosystem Stewardship


Banking the world’s seeds


Seed functional traits including thermal time, cardinal temperatures, water potentials and hydro time for seed germination, seed longevity, seed ecology, crop wild relatives

I am a Future Leader Fellow working in the Millennium Seed Bank Partnership (MSBP) Department under the Seed Conservation team. My research and interest areas are in plant conservation, genetic resource evaluation, trait analysis, and building collaborative conservation outcomes. I have experience working with crops and Crop Wild Relatives and their potential adaptive seed traits for natural regeneration under future climate change scenarios.

  • 2018, PhD (Plant and Environment Science), University of Warwick (UK)
  • 2012, MSc Plant Genetics and Breeding, Polytechnique University of Valencia (Spain) 
  • 2010, BSc Agricultural Engineer, Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain)

Castillo-Lorenzo, E., Finch-Savage, W. E., Seal, C. E., & Pritchard, H. W. (2019).

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Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 264: 343-350.

Castillo‐Lorenzo, E., Pritchard, H. W., Finch‐Savage, W. E., & Seal, C. E. (2018).

Comparison of seed and seedling functional traits in native Helianthus species and the crop H. annuus (sunflower).

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