Dr Elena Arrigoni

Post Doctoral Research Associate

Elena Arrigoni

Ecosystem Stewardship


Conservation Genetics and Molecular Ecology


Plant-fungal interactions, fungal ecology, endophytic fungi, mycorrhizal fungi

My research focuses on the ecology of mycorrhizal symbioses and how they are shaped by the environment and human activities. 

I am currently studying how pollution, wildfires, and their interaction affect mycorrhizal fungi and their hosts in heathlands, and how belowground communities recover. In addition, I am involved in a project studying ectomycorrhizal communities across European forests. 

Before joining Kew, I obtained a PhD in Agricultural Sciences and Biotechnology. My work focused on the influence of environmental factors, plant genotype and agronomic practices on fungal and bacterial communities of apple and pear plants.

  • PhD in Agricultural Sciences and Biotechnology, University of Udine (Italy)/Edmund Mach Foundation (Trento, Italy), 2019
  • MSc in Plant and Microbial Biotechnology, University of Pisa (Italy)
  • 2015 BSc in Biotechnology, University of Florence (Italy), 2012

Kowal J., Arrigoni E., Jarvis S., Zappala S., Forbes E., Bidartondo M. I., & Suz, L. M. (2022)

Atmospheric pollution, soil nutrients and climate effects on Mucoromycota arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi

Environmental Microbiology (2022) 24(8), 3390–3404

Kowal J., Arrigoni E., Serra J. & Bidartondo M. (2020)

Prevalence and phenology of fine root endophyte colonization across populations of Lycopodiella inundata.

Mycorrhiza 30: 577-587 

Arrigoni E., Albanese D., Oliveira Longa C.M., Angeli D., Donati C., Ioriatti C., Pertot I. & Perazzolli M. (2020).

Tissue age, orchard location and disease management influence the composition of fungal and bacterial communities present on the bark of apple trees.

Environmental Microbiology 22: 2080–2093 

Arrigoni E., Oliveira Longa C.M., Angeli D., Soini M., Pertot I. & Perazzolli M. (2019)

A fast and reliable method for Diplodia seriata inoculation of trunks and assessment of fungicide efficacy on potted apple plants under greenhouse conditions.

Phytopathologia Mediterranea 58: 163-173.

Arrigoni E., Antonielli L., Pindo M., Pertot I. & Perazzolli M. (2018)

Tissue age and plant genotype affect the microbiota of apple and pear bark.

Microbiological Research 211: 57–68.

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