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Taxonomy with focus on Rhamnaceae, identification and curation of Millennium Seed Bank herbarium voucher specimens

Biography: My role is to identify and curate voucher herbarium specimens collected within the Millennium Seed Bank Partnership. I have published revisions and described new species of Gouania, Smythea, Ventilago, and Ziziphus as part of my work on the taxonomic revision of Rhamnaceae in SE Asia.

  • PhD by Published Work, Oxford Brookes University, 2023
  • MSc Plant Biology, University of Strasbourg, 2016
  • BSc Biology, University of Strasbourg, 2014

Cahen, D., Rickenback, J., & Utteridge, T. M. (2021). 

A revision of Ziziphus (Rhamnaceae) in Borneo. 

Kew Bulletin, 76, 767-804.

Cahen, D., Stenn, K. S., & Utteridge, T. M. (2020). 

A revision of the genus Gouania (Rhamnaceae) in the Philippines and Sundaland. 

Kew Bulletin, 75, 1-24.

Cahen, D., Toussirot, M., & Pillon, Y. (2020). 

A revision of Ventilago (Rhamnaceae) in New Caledonia and Vanuatu with notes on dyeing properties. 

Willdenowia, 50(2), 253-266.

Cahen, D. & Utteridge, T. M. A. (2018).

A synopsis of the genus Smythea (Rhamnaceae).

Kew Bulletin 73: 2.

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