Dr Colin P Clubbe

Senior Research Leader


I head the Conservation Science Department which brings together four key research areas for Kew: Islands with a focus on the UK, UK Overseas Territories and Madagascar; Conservation Assessment and Analysis; Conservation Genetics; and Seed Conservation.

Our overall aim is to provide solutions to the world’s plant and fungal conservation problems based on rigorous, evidence-based research.

I am a conservation biologist with wide-ranging interests in biodiversity conservation, especially on Islands and UK Overseas Territories in particular. My research focuses on the study of plant diversity, threats, particularly the impact of invasive species, and developing strategies for conservation management of plant diversity.

  • BSc, University of Birmingham, 1975
  • PhD, University of London, 1980
  • DIC, Imperial College, 1981
  • Honorary Research Fellow, Imperial College London
  • Trustee, Falklands Conservation
  • Trustee, Chagos Conservation Trust
  • Chair, Bentham Moxon Trust
  • Member, IUCN Red List Committee

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