Dr Barnaby Walker

Research Fellow


Digital Revolution


Intelligent Data Analysis


Conservation, biodiversity, statistical modelling, machine learning

As Conservation Science Analyst my role is to get the most insight possible out of our conservation data. I carry out research into biodiversity and conservation, focusing on the limits and quality of our data. I use a combination of statistical and machine learning methods to expand our capacity for conservation research and assessments.

  • 2018, PhD (Flow Chemistry), Imperial College London
  • 2013, MRes Plastic Electronic Materials, Imperial College London
  • 2012, MSci Chemistry, Imperial College London

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Enhancement of conservation knowledge through increased access to botanical information.

Conservation Biology 33: 523 - 533.

Nic Lughadha, E., Staggemeier, V. G., Vasconcelos, T. N. C., Walker, B., E., Canteiro, C. & Lucas, E. J. (2019)

Harnessing the potential of integrated systematics for conservation of taxonomically complex, megadiverse plant groups.

Conservation Biology 33: 511–522.

Nic Lughadha, E., Walker, B. E., Canteiro, C. et al. (2018)

The use and misuse of herbarium specimens in evaluating plant extinction risks.

Phil. Trans. R Soc. B 374: 20170402