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Senior Curator Botanist with particular interests in Araceae, Neotropics, monocots, eTaxonomy, TIPAs Bolivia, Colombia

I curate all plants from the Americas, with a particular focus on curation and identification of monocots. Research interests include Neotropical Monocots, with a particular interest in Araceae (from all areas). I have a strong background in eTaxonomy, which includes the Creating a Taxonomic e-Science (CATE) project, eMonocot and Neotropikey. I manage CATE Araceae which aims to keep up-to-date with pages for all Araceae taxa.

  • BSc (Hons), Biology, Univ. Bristol, 2000

Haigh, A., Boyce, P. C. (2012).


In: Flora Zambesiaca Volume 12(1), ed. J. Timberlake & E. S. Martins, pp. 1-54. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Haigh, A., Mayo, S. J., Nadruz Coelho, M. A. (2011).

Four new species ofAnthurium (Araceae) from Bahia, Brazil.

Kew Bulletin 66: 123-132. 

Haigh, A., Mayo, S.J., Croat, T.B., Reynolds, L., Mora Pinto, M., Boyce, P.C., Lay, L., Bogner, J., Clark, B., Kostelac, C., Hay, A. (2009).

Interactive web-taxonomy for the Araceae.

Blumea 54: 1-3

Mayo, S.J., Allkin, R., Baker, W., Blagoderov, V., Brake, I., Clark, B., Govaerts, R., Godfray, C., Haigh, A., Hand, R., Harman, K., Jackson, M., Kilian, N., Kirkup, D.W., Kitching, I., Knapp, S., Lewis, G.P., Malcolm, P., von Raab-Straube, E., Roberts, D.M., Scoble, M., Simpson, D.A., Smith, C., Smith, V., Villalba, S., Walley, L., Wilkin, P. (2008).

Alpha e-taxonomy: responses from the systematics community to the biodiversity crisis.

Kew Bulletin 63: 1-16.

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