Amanda Cooper

PhD Student

Amanda Cooper

Ecosystem Stewardship


Spatial Analysis and Data Science


Spatial Analysis, Lidar (Aerial and Terrestrial), UAV, Ecosystem Services, Natural Capital, Survey, Fieldwork, GIS, GPS, Image analysis

I am a PhD student with the London NERC Doctoral Training Program based at Royal Holloway University London and Kew Gardens. My research is focused on developing a better understanding of the effect tree species richness on canopy structure in boreal forests. I aim to characterize and quantify canopy structure using cutting-edge field survey techniques; using UAV’s and terrestrial LiDAR to provide 3D models of forests canopy structure. An additional objective of my research is to exploit canopy structure as a mechanism for three important ecosystem services; understory plant diversity, above-ground biomass storage and edible fruit production. My background is in remote sensing and GIS. I have worked at Kew the last 6 years of my career as a Spatial Information Scientist working on a variety of projects including State of the Worlds Plants and State of the Worlds Fungi, a Google Impact Challenge project looking at the mosquito-plant interactions and mapping the vegetation of Lomas vegetation in coastal Peru. My previous research projects include ground-based LiDAR mapping of tropical canopy structure, mapping selective logging in the Brazilian Amazon and global land cover mapping using MODIS satellite data. 

  • MA, Geography, Boston University, USA, 2001
  • BA, Environmental Science, Boston University, USA 2000

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