Alison Moore

Assistant Curator (Asia)

Alison Moore

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Curation and identification of South-East Asian Herbarium collections, Urticaceae - Poikilospermum taxonomy and research

My role is to help meet the curatorial needs of the Asia team by maintaining and improving the herbarium collections. This includes the identification of incoming material, incorporation of material into the collections, rearrangement according to new revisions and the databasing and digitisation of material where necessary.

I also provide research support and teaching activities within the herbarium and the gardens and contribute to public engagement and science communication activities.

I have my own research interests in the Urticaceae family currently concentrating on the genus Poikilospermum within Peninsular Malaysia.

  • MSc, Advanced Methods in Taxonomy and Biodiversity, Imperial College, 2003
  • BSc (Hons) Applied Biology, Univ. Hertfordshire, 1997

Moore, A. (2014)

Araliaceae, Ebenaceae, Sapotaceae, Rhizophoraceae

In: Utteridge, T.M.A. and Bramley, G.L.C., The Kew Tropical Plant Families Identification Handbook. Kew: Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Shortall, C.R.; Moore, A.; Smith, E.; Hall, M.J.; Woiwod, I.P. & Harrington, R. (2009)

Long-term changes in the abundance of flying insects

Insect Conservation and Diversity 2(4) 251-260

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