Office of the Science Directorate

Providing support for Kew's scientific research departments, this includes: legal compliance, science communication and securing funding.

CITES team member with two researchers in the Jodrell Anatomy Lab

Head of department: Dr Clive Hayter

The Office of the Science Directorate provides support for Kew's research departments and is composed of five teams:


This team provides administrative support to the director of science, the science heads of departments and the team leaders in the Office of the Science Directorate.

Team lead: Dr James Wearn


  • Eileen McManus, PA to the Director of Science
  • Elizabeth Howard, PA to the Deputy Directors of Science
  • Mark Martin, PA to Senior Science Team
  • Ed Boustred, PA to Senior Science Team

Conservation Policy

A team to ensure the work of Kew is legally compliant and that staff are kept informed of any relevant new legislation or conventions, also provides guidance on new protocols. The team members provide expert advice, support and training on international conventions and conservation policy, and prepare access and benefit sharing agreements.

Team lead: Dr Carly Cowell and China Williams


Education and Communication

This team coordinates Kew's scientific education programmes and internal and external science communication activities. Members work to promote our world-class research and lead on delivering our MSc in Plant and Fungal Taxonomy, Diversity and Conservation in conjunction with Queen Mary University of London.

Team lead: Dr Richard Gianfrancesco


  • Dr Pat Griggs, Science Education Administrator
  • Hollie White, Science Education Administrator
  • Dr Chelsea Snell, Digital Communications Officer - Science
  • Greg Palmer, Science Communications Administrator

Health & Safety and Estates Liaison 

A team to ensure a safe working environment across the Science Directorate, members work on improving sustainable working practices and act as a point of contact to Estates.

Team lead: Keith Manger


  • Dr Elaine Porter, H&S and Estates Liason Officer
  • Noor Juna, H&S and Estates Liason Officer
  • Toni Risebro, Support Officer, MSB
  • Carol Pearce, Support Officer, MSB
  • Jayne Elson, MSB Receptionist
  • Sally Lambert, MSB Receptionist

Research Services

The Research Services team provide a crucial service to Kew scientists to help them to achieve the external funding required to deliver Kew’s scientific vision. The team provides expert advice, training and support to Kew scientists throughout the lifecycle of a project, from developing ideas and proposals, internal approvals and submissions, to the support of successful awards, closedown of projects, and scoping potential follow-on funding.

Team lead: Dr Maria Fitzpatrick


  • Dr Katie Hartnup, Research Funding Officer
  • Jenny Martin, Research Support Officer
  • Grace Roberson, Research Support Officer

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White snowdrops - Galanthus nivalis

Conservation Policy

Ensuring conservation policy is integrated into all processes at Kew and providing scientific advice to Defra and the Animal and Plant Health Agency for CITES.

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MSc in Plant and Fungal Taxonomy, Diversity and Conservation

Students gain an in-depth understanding of plant and fungal taxonomy and diversity alongside evolutionary biology and conservation theory and practice.

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