Seed Collection

Managing and curating the collections of the Millennium Seed Bank; and research into seed storage, longevity and germination.

Team leads: Dr John Dickie and Janet Terry

The Seed Collection team is responsible for all aspects of curation of the Millennium Seed Bank’s seed collections, associated data and Herbarium specimens.

This involves taking seed samples through cleaning, x-raying, counting, long term storage at -20°C, germination testing and seed distribution.

We train partners from the UK and overseas in all areas of seed conservation. Our germination specialists develop schemes for breaking seed dormancy and protocols for processing and storing seeds of short lived species. We develop protocols for the back up storage of seeds in vapour phase liquid nitrogen.

Team members

Senior research leader
Dr John Dickie

Seed collections manager
Janet Terry

Early career research fellow
Dr Si-Chong Chen

Germination specialist
Rachael Davies

Seed bank data resources manager
Dr Udayangani Liu

Seed processing managers
Sarah Gattiker
Nicola Mills
Patricia Wood

Seed bank data resources assistant
Dr Tiziana Cossu

Germination assistant
Kirstine Manger

Seed processing assistants
Sian McCabe
Anna Pajdo
Frances Stanley

Seed collections assistants
Owen Blake
Sarah Adams 
Angie Gardiner
David Hickmott 
Ryan Manger
Victoria Philpott
Lucy Taylor