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Kew Science News

28th September 2009

New palm genus is discovered in the remote forests of New Guinea

The discovery of a new palm genus has revealed that botanists have much still to learn about remote areas such as New Guinea.

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28th September 2009

Protea plants help unlock secrets of species 'hotspots'

Some parts of the planet with a Mediterranean-style climate have become species-rich biodiversity hotspots, a recent study reveals.

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28th September 2009

Kew's Maputo workshop represents progress for protection of Mozambique's mountains and coastal forests

Kew has been invited to play a key role in shaping conservation policy in Mozambique.

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28th September 2009

Understanding the building blocks of our natural world - fungi research at Kew

Kew’s specialist expertise is revealing the links between tree health, air pollution and climate change.
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25th September 2009

Kew's cuttings from one of the world's rarest plants have finally produced seed

Kew's scientists have propagated café marron seedlings and sent them back to their native Mauritius.

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The herbarium includes this fungi specimen collected by Darwin from Tierra Del Fuego.
24th September 2009

Kew’s connection with Charles Darwin: an evolutionary relationship

As we celebrate the 200th anniversary of Darwin’s birth, Emma Townshend traces the close connections between the great scientist and the Royal Botanic Gardens.
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18th September 2009

Kew bids Vietnam good morning and works together with local botanists

Helping to assess and conserve the country’s rich and amazing plant life, in partnership with local botanists, was the key aim of Kew’s latest expedition to Vietnam. Gail Vines reports on how the intrepid team fared.
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23rd August 2009

In harmony with nature

A  Kew magazine reader has drummed up the innovative idea of using music to promote conservation and reach young people, producing a CD in collaboration with Kew's Millennium Seed Bank.

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Looking up at the leaves of Tahina spectabilis, a critically endangered species of gigantic palm
15th July 2009

'Suicide Palm' makes it into the Top 10 Species of 2008

Tahina spectabilis joins a 380 million-year-old fossilised fish and the world's longest insect in the Top 10 List of New Species Described in 2008, announced by the International Institute for Species Exploration at Arizona State University.
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1st January 2009

Plant story - helping to conserve Moringa peregrina, a very useful tree

The Millennium Seed Bank Partnership has conserved the endangered yusor tree (Moringa peregrina). It's found in remote mountains in Jordan's southern rift valley.
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