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12th May 2015

Fascination of Plants Day

On 18 May 2015 Kew will be joining plant science organisations around the globe in a collective aim to reveal the fascinating world of plant science
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Jonas Mueller with Chinese colleagues
12th April 2015

Seed-collecting in China’s Yunnan province

Yunnan province covers only 4% of China’s land surface, yet is home to about half of China’s plant species. Kew scientist Jonas Mueller joined a team from the Kunming Institute of Botany to collect key plant species in the southern parts of the province.
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11th March 2015

Cold-driven extinctions

An integrated analysis of fossils, geographic ranges, climate and phylogeny shows that past climate cooling has left a strong mark on the phylogenetic structure of northern temperate forest floras.
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Centrosema pubescens
10th March 2015

Homoglutathione in legumes

The presence of homoglutathione in legumes is restricted to species in the Old World clade of subfamily Papilionoideae.
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Mycorrhizal sampling
9th March 2015

Mapping and monitoring mycorrhizal fungi on a European scale… why and how?

Mycologists recommend a Europe-wide scaling-up of mycorrhizal assessments to inform forest management and conservation.
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Pictures shows four people standing around a conveyor belt. One person is leaning over the conveyor belt, placing pressed plant specimens onto it. Another person is operating a device that delivers barcode labels.
27th February 2015

Large-scale digitisation by Kew and Natural History Museum

Using a DigiStreet conveyor belt system based in Amsterdam, Kew and the Natural History Museum are working together on large-scale digitisation of their plant collections #digitalherbarium #Kew #NHM
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Palm leaf
23rd February 2015

Science Strategy reveals reinvigorated vision for Kew’s science

The new strategy firmly places Kew’s vast collections at the heart of its science.
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Palm leaf
23rd February 2015

New format for a traditional Flora

A new account of the Cunoniaceae for the Flora of New Caledonia has been produced in a format designed for both specialists and non-specialists.
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Palm leaf
4th February 2015

New species found in Kew glasshouse

A pitcher plant growing in a Kew glasshouse has been found to be a new species of Nepenthes
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Guillaume Besnard and Nanjarisoa Olinirina Prisca
2nd February 2015

Extinct grass sequenced

In what is believed to be the first application of next-generation DNA sequencing to an extinct plant, sequences from the extinct grass Sartidia perrieri have been obtained to investigate the origin of C4 photosynthesis.
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Trolleys containing green boxes.
21st January 2015

A pilot for discovering plant diversity

Kew and the Natural History Museum are working together on large scale digitisation of their plant collections
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Mycorrhizas in forest monitoring
12th January 2015

Mycorrhizas in forest monitoring

Mycologists call for large-scale monitoring of ectomycorrhizal fungi to better indicate the condition of forest ecosystems.
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Aextoxicon punctatum
23rd December 2014

Botanists ensure safety of South American tree

Botanists are celebrating after an important tree seed, collected on a dangerous expedition to South America, has begun to flower at Wakehurst Place, in Sussex.
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Photo of Jodrell laboratory, Wolfson wing
16th December 2014

Science and technology committee hearing for Kew's £5 million 'budget gap'

The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew is participating in a House of Commons Science and Technology Select Committee hearing on 17 December.
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Wolfson Wing of Jodrell Laboratory
16th December 2014

PhD studentships in ‘Science & Solutions for a Changing Planet’

Applications are now open for fully-funded PhD studentships in the Imperial College NERC (Natural Environment Research Council) Doctoral Training Partnership, of which Kew is a named partner.
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Bluebell wood at Kew
2nd December 2014

Digitising Kew's weeds

Due to the dedication of a Kew science volunteer, pressed specimens of plants growing wild at Kew have been made available online to assist local biodiversity management.
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Soejatmi planting Soejatmia bamboo
17th November 2014

Soejatmi plants Soejatmia bamboo

Soejatmi Dransfield, Honorary Research Fellow in Kew's Herbarium, has planted the bamboo named after her in a ceremony at Singapore Botanic Gardens.
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Cylindropuntia imbricata
4th November 2014

PhD studentships available

Up to 35 fully funded PhD studentships are offered by the London NERC (Natural Environment Research Council) Doctoral Training Partnership, of which Kew is a named partner.
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Z. glabra
17th October 2014

Maximizing the phylogenetic diversity of seed banks

The phylogenetic diversity of the Millennium Seed Bank collections has been assessed using legumes as a model family.
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Photo of Clavariadelphus truncatus
13th October 2014

Extinct fungus mystery solved

Kew mycologists discover that a fungus once thought to have become extinct in Britain and then thought to have been rediscovered has actually never been recorded in Britain.
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