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The Jodrell Laboratory at Kew
15th February 2016

Scholarship for QMUL Kew MSc

A Lee Botany and Biodiversity scholarship for the MSc Plant and Fungal Taxonomy, Diversity and Conservation at the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew is available from The National Parks Board, Singapore.
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Photo of Kathy Willis
10th February 2016

Kew's Director of Science to give Michael Faraday Prize Lecture

Professor Katherine Willis, Director of Science at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew will be giving the Michael Faraday Prize lecture on Thursday 11 February 2016 at the Royal Society.
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Image showing a grass dominated ecosystem on the Horombe plateau in central Madagascar occupy 20– 40% of Earth.
4th February 2016

Scientific Meeting: Growing the Grass Classification

This summer Kew scientists will meet with international colleagues to discuss the classification of grasses.
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Image showing that Madagascar’s pastures are viewed as degraded anthropogenic vegetation but this disturbed ecosystem in Ankaramy Be is dominated by native and endemic grasses.
28th January 2016

Madagascar's rich and ancient grass flora

Maria Vorontsova describes her recent study showing that Madagascar's diverse grass flora has a long evolutionary history, with ancient grasslands pre-dating human settlement.
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Image showing The top new species scorers at Kew for 2015 all with over 20 species published. Left to right: John Wood, 25 new convolvulaceae; Ian Darbyshire, >20 African acanthaceae, and Eve Lucas, >20 Brazilian myrtaceae.
6th January 2016

More than 140 new species discovered by Kew scientists in 2015

In an article published by The Independent on 26th December 2015, Kew scientists were praised for uncovering more than 140 species new to science (including four new genera) – twice as many as in 2014.
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Photo of Sheila Thompson
31st December 2015

Sheila Thompson awarded MBE

We are delighted to announce that Kew Science volunteer Sheila Thompson has been awarded an MBE in the 2016 New Year Honours.
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Dr. Maria Vorontsova (RBG Kew) speaking about the important of taxonomic checklists for the integration of bamboo and rattan into climate action at the Global Assessment of Bamboo and Rattan Programme side event (Photo: O. Frith)
21st December 2015

Kew scientist presents taxonomic checklist work at COP21

Maria Vorontsova, Research Leader for Comparative Plant and Fungal Biology (CPFB) describes her involvement in discussions at the 21st Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC, COP 21).
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Image showing MP for Horsham Jeremy Quin MP banking Crop Wild Relative seeds
4th December 2015

Crop Wild Relative Symposium stimulates discussion on climate change

In advance of the 2015 Paris Climate Conference (COP21), the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and Global Crop Diversity Trust held an exciting symposium on 'The Role of Crop Diversity in Transitioning to a Resilient Food System in a Changing Climate'.
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Scientist in Kew's Jodrell Laboratory
26th November 2015

PhD studentships available

Applications are now open for fully funded PhD studentships offered by the London NERC (Natural Environment Research Council) Doctoral Training Partnership, of which Kew is a named partner.

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Photo of Prof Kathy Willis
10th November 2015

Prof Kathy Willis on BBC Radio 4

Director of Science Prof Kathy Willis discusses the future of biodiversity with presenter Jim Al-Khalili in The Life Scientific, broadcast this morning on BBC Radio 4.
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Kew Publishing book covers
2nd November 2015

Kew Publishing success at Royal Society of Biology Book Awards

We are delighted to announce that two Kew Publishing titles have won prizes at the Royal Society of Biology 2015 Book Awards.
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Photo of Melocactus glaucescens
5th October 2015

Extinction risk to cacti highlighted by new report

Kew scientists have contributed to a global assessment of cacti, published today in the new journal Nature Plants.
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Palm leaf
30th September 2015

Conservation awards presented to Kew researchers

Three Kew researchers have been honoured with prestigious awards at a gathering of the world’s leading conservation biologists.
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25th September 2015

New Kew Internship Opportunity on TIPAs Project

An exciting new opportunity has arisen to join the Kew team working on Tropical Important Plant Areas
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Xanthoria elegans
2nd September 2015

Lichens benefit from sunscreen

New research reveals that by developing natural sunscreen, a major group of lichens was able to colonise sun-exposed rocky habitats, leading to an ‘evolutionary radiation’.
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Photo of Kathy Willis
26th August 2015

Prof Kathy Willis awarded Michael Faraday Prize

Prof Kathy Willis has been awarded the Michael Faraday Prize and Lecture from the Royal Society for her excellent work in science communication.
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Palm leaf
7th August 2015

New research shows daisies first appeared when dinosaurs walked the Earth

These findings reshape the history of this plant family that was thought, until now, to have evolved long after the dinosaurs became extinct.
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6th July 2015

Bursaries available for new MSc in Plant and Fungal Taxonomy, Diversity & Conservation

We are delighted to announce that three Kew bursaries are available for UK/EU students applying to the new Queen Mary University of London MSc in Plant and Fungal Taxonomy, Diversity and Conservation, delivered in partnership with Kew.
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The new discovered waterlily species growing in the wild
4th June 2015

Beautiful new waterlily species discovered by Kew plant hunter Carlos Magdalena

The discovery of a new waterlily species in the wild surprises experts as an identical plant has already been grown at Kew.
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Photo showing diversity of mushrooms from a cloud forest in Ecuador (Image: B. Dentinger)
21st May 2015

Genome mining from fungarium specimens

High throughput DNA sequencing has been used to produce the first fully-supported phylogeny of Agaricales.
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