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New orchid species pictured on bank card

Kew scientists have a described a new orchid species which has been featured on an Indonesian bank card.

A new orchid, Bulbophyllum adolinae, has been described by Andre Schuiteman and other Kew scientists. It has been named in honour of Mrs Juliana Adolina Kiriwenno Mandacan, wife of the governor of Papua Barat Province in Indonesia. 

The orchid is featured on a new ‘tap to cash’ card by Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI). The card and name of the orchid were unveiled at the International Conference on Biodiversity, Ecotourism and Creative Economy in Manokwari, Indonesia last month. The conference was attended by 900 delegates including Director of RBG Kew, Richard Deverell and Head of Identification and Naming, Tim Utteridge.

B. adolinae was discovered in 2014 by a team from Kew and University of Papua. It is a small orchid that grows on trees in the mossy, mountain forests near Manokwari. Specimens of the orchid have been preserved in Kew’s Herbarium as well as in Bogor and Manokwari, Indonesia.

The presentation of a framed photo of Bulbophyllum adolinae to Mrs Mandacan. Andre Schuiteman (right). Credit: Tim Utteridge.

The new orchid Bulbophyllum adolinae described by Kew scientists.