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Kew Scientist shortlisted for the Newton Prize

A project led by Kew researcher Dr William Milliken has been shortlisted for the prestigious 2018 Newton Prize.

Each year the Newton Prize is awarded to projects that demonstrate the best research or innovation that promotes economic development and social welfare of Newton partner countries. The prize encourages researchers to tackle global challenges such as climate change, food security and improving water management.

The four winning projects will be awarded a prize of up to £200,000 each. In the meantime, the shortlisted projects will be celebrated at awards events in partner countries and in the UK.

The shortlisted project titled “Historic collections as a means of valorising indigenous knowledge” is led by Dr William Milliken in a partnership between Kew and the Botanical Garden of Rio de Janeiro Institute of Research in Brazil. Global partnerships are key for Kew to achieve its scientific objectives which play a leading role in solving some of the biggest issues facing humanity.