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Conservation awards presented to Kew researchers

Three Kew researchers have been honoured with prestigious awards at a gathering of the world’s leading conservation biologists.

Dr Aljos Farjon (above right), Quentin Luke (above left) and Mijoro Rakotoarinivo (below) were presented with awards by Simon Stuart, Chair of the Species Survival Commission (SSC) at the IUCN SSC Leaders meeting in Abu Dhabi on 18 September in front of a 300-strong gathering. These are significant accolades that strongly affirm the critical role of Kew experts in species conservation. Many congratulations to all three.


SSC Chair's Citation of Excellence

Dr Aljos Farjon (Kew Honorary Research Associate, former Kew staff)

In recognition of his strong leadership of two separate assessments of the Red List status of every species of conifer in the world, and his chairing of the SSC Conifer Specialist Group.

Harry Messel Award for Conservation Leadership

Mr Quentin Luke (Kew Honorary Research Associate, National Museums of Kenya)

In recognition of his exceptional leadership of plant conservation in East Africa, and especially for founding and driving forward the SSC East African Plant Red List Authority.

Dr Mijoro Rakotoarinivo (University of Antananarivo, formerly of Kew Madagascar Conservation Centre)

In recognition of his pioneering leadership on the conservation of palms in Madagascar, including his huge contributions to the SSC Madagascar Plant and Palm Specialist Groups.